What is a Beautypreneur?


Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, I’ve seen how passion can drive one to work hard towards success. My passion to help others reinvent themselves has pushed me to flourish in the beauty business for almost two decades now. And for many years, I thought that I was only distributing dermocosmetics and aesthetics devices; but there was more to it.

I’m not simply a business woman in working in the beauty industry. I am a beautypreneur.

A Beautypreneur is an entrepreneur in the industry of beauty products and sciences. This person is always on the lookout for the latest innovations so he or she can provide beauty solutions without compare to customers. Through the years, I’ve learned that one should have certain attributes to be successful in this field.

Being Resourceful and Embracing Innovation.


One of the most important characteristics a beautypreneur should have is resourcefulness. That means going the extra mile just to find clinically proven products and devices and bring them to our country. Accessibility of international brands relies on the resourcefulness of beautypreneurs.

Also, as the beauty industry is always evolving, we should learn to embrace innovation. Research and development for new products does not stop. A beautypreneur, therefore, must be in the know on what’s the latest. They are not afraid of innovation; in fact they are always researching for state-of-the-art offerings that consumers and doctors need.